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Elevate energy efficiency. Cut carbon footprints. Drive demand savings. Whatever your energy goals are, we've created an energy experience to help you reach them.

Energy Awareness

Empower customers to cut their energy bills and carbon footprints with the industry's most accurate usage data. Engage them with an exceptional user experience that drives energy efficiency, demand savings, and customer satisfaction higher.

Energy Visualizations

Now your customers can check energy consumption around the clock. Comparing daily, weekly, and monthly usage with interactive charts. Or, add an Energy Bridge and track usage live.

Budget Management

Give your customers the power to stop bill surprises and cut their energy costs. By creating their own personal energy budgets, they can make an impact before their bill arrives. Plus, with budget notifications, they'll know exactly when they are getting off-track.

Industry-Leading Disaggregation

Powerley delivers the most accurate disaggregation data in the industry. With it, your customers can see exactly where energy is being wasted and which appliances are driving their bills higher.


Advanced Demand Response

By extending the smart grid into the smart home, Powerley has taken DR beyond HVAC. Your customers will enjoy a better DR experience while your utility unlocks additional demand savings.

Renewables Management

Help your customers add their renewables to the energy experience. Give customers the tools to track generation, like solar, and a pathway to plug it back into the grid.


Energy Control & Intelligence

No other HEM (Home Energy Management) solution lets utility customers control energy by controlling their home. Help homeowners create intelligent homes fueled by energy with the ability to automate energy savings.


Smart Home Energy Management

Give your customers the power to control energy costs by controlling their home. Monitor the energy use of each connected device - lightbulbs, plugs, thermostats, and more. Powerley works with many leading brands of smart devices.

A Personal Energy Advisor

Now your customers can enjoy their own energy assistant that provides personalized tips and insights. With real-time energy data, customers have access to more - like energy spike alerts, seeing always-on usage and more.


Automated Energy Savings

Through Powerley's Smart Actions, your customers can sync their home to their schedules. Heat up the house or turn on the lights - at specific times, on your commute, when sensors activate, or while you are away on vacation.

Your Brand. Your Data.

Our platform was engineered to provide utility-grade reliability while enabling our customers to innovate and scale rapidly. Fully brandable, the experience drives deeper brand engagement while offering insights that are unavailable to utilities today.

Fully Brandable

Name you app. Apply your color palette. Integrate your logo. The whole experience, from the hardware to the packaging to the app, becomes an extension of your brand.

DTE Energy

Easy to Integrate

Powerley's architecture was designed to make integration easy for each utility. Integration can be complete in as little as two weeks through a proven process that accommodates nearly every IT infrastructure and security policies within each organization.

Turnkey Support

Powerley provides a complete customer support solution - with a dedicated team to help your customers get set-up and start engaging in energy management. With call center, email, in-home and in-app chat support, customers can connect via their preferred communication channel.

Turnkey Support

Own the Relationship

Powerley ensures you as the utility keep your customer relationship. Users don't create Powerley accounts, they log in via the same credentials they use for your website. With this SSO approach, the customer experience stays seamless across all of your engagement channels.

Retain the Data

Powerley understands the value of the data generated by customer engagement platforms like ours. This is why all the data and insights within our platform are available to your team via the Powerley Portal, or FTP, or...you name it. It's your data.

Retain the Data

Powerley Lite

Start the energy journey with Powerley LITE. Through one app, engage your customers in energy management. Help them stop bill surprises and reduce waste with personalized energy advice.

Energy Efficiency
Customer Engagement
Demand Savings
New Revenue Opportunities
The Industry Average

Energy Visualizations

Track usage around the clock with Powerley's Energy Dial. Access daily, weekly and monthly usage comparisons.

Historical, updated daily
Real-Time, updated every 3 seconds

Budget Management

Create and track monthly energy budgets. Plus, receive notifications if you are trending over budget.

Personalized Coaching

Get personalized insights and coaching from Powerley Advisor to uncover energy waste and automate efficiency.

Historical Coaching
Real-time Coaching
Smart Home Guidance

Disaggregated Breakdowns

View energy usage breakdowns across your home and down to every connected appliance and device.

Estimated, home categories
Real-time, appliance-level disaggregation

Bill Pay & Outage Maps

Get access to energy management, bill pay and outage maps all in one app.

Advanced Rate Management

Access rate information and personalized guidance that will help push more usage off peak.

Historical visualizations
Rate Coaching
Real-time Visualizations
Smart Home Rate Coaching

DER Management

Integrate at-home DER, like solar and battery storage, into the energy management experience.

DR Management

Engage in a new DR experience that extends to the smart home.

Extend DR events to smart thermostats
Extend DR events to smart home devices

Smart Home Control & Automation

Build an energy-driven smart home with lights, plugs, sensors, thermostats and more. Automate efficiency with Smart Actions.

Control and automate smart thermostats
Control and automate smart home devices

Voice Control

Use your Amazon Alexa devices to engage with your energy using simple voice commands.

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